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Folding Style Hex Wrenches



Hexcraft manufactures and supplies a Full Line of Metal Case Folding Wrenches.


Folding Wrench Sets are opened from a Metal Carrying Case and allow for the Wrench to be used at angles from 90 to 180 Degrees.


Folding Wrenches are ideal for the Mechanic, Home, Auto and Shop.


Our Folding Wrench Set Program Consists of:


  • 4 SAE Style Sets
  • 2 METRIC Style Sets
  • 1 Star Style Set
  • 1 Combination Hex/Screwdriver Set


If you have a requirement for Folding Style Hex Wrenches be sure to call 1-800-243-9539 or Fax 1-610-925-2901 for on the spot Pricing.


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