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T Handle Style Hex Wrenches



Hexcraft manufactures and supplies a Full Line of Vinyl Handle T Wrench Style Wrenches in SAE & Metric Styles. Wrenches Are Available in Sets and Open Stock in 6 and 9 Series Lengths.


T Wrench Sets are available in Vinyl Carrying Packs, as well as Indexed Metal Stands.


T Pattern Wrenches Full are ideal for the Mechanic, Home, Auto and Shop.


Our T Pattern Wrench Set Program Consists of:


  • 6 Series SAE Style Sets
  • 6 Series METRIC Style Sets
  • 9 Series SAE Style Set
  • 9 Series METRIC Style Sets

If you have a requirement for T Style Hex Wrench Sets be sure to call

1-800-243-9539 or Fax 1-610-925-2901 for on the spot Pricing.

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