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Special Run Wrenches



Hexcraft specializes in producing and supplying Special Run Products. “Specials” are our Specialty.


The range of Specials we supply are as below:


  • Private Label Products
  • Special Length Hex Wrenches
  • Star Wrenches
  • Straight Bits
  • Security Hex Wrenches
  • Security Star Wrenches
  • “Z” Wrenches
  • Looped Wrenches of all Types
  • Dogging Wrenches
  • Special Design “T” Wrenches
  • Ball End “T” Wrenches
  • Metal Stampings
  • Combination Type Hex/Star/Driver Wrenches

If you have a requirement for Special Run Wrenches – be sure to call 1-800-243-9539 or Fax 1-610-925-2901 for on the spot Pricing.

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