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Poly Tarpaulins



Hexcraft specializes in a Full Program of Poly Tarpaulins in a variety of grades and applications.


Hexcraft Poly Tarpaulins are ideal for the Homeowner, Craftsman and Marine and Industrial Applications.


All Hexcraft Poly Tarpaulins are manufactured from Quality Vinyl Resins, Precision Woven, Cut to Size, Laminated and Hemmed. Every Tarpaulin has reinforced Grommet/Eyelets at intervals of 18 36 depending on Quality and Grade.


We offer a Full Line Assortment from a small of 5x 7 to a large of 50 x 100.


Our Poly tarpaulin Program Features:


        Economy Blue Tarpaulins

        Heavier Duty Green Tarpaulins

        Super Heavy Black/Silver Tarpaulins with PVC Corner Patches

  • Tarpaulins specifically designed for Canopies

If you have a requirement for Vinyl Poly Tarpaulins be sure to call

1-800-243-9539 or Fax 1-610-925-2901 for on the spot Pricing.

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